Facebook Pages and Facebook Advertising for Business

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Facebook has new layout options to focus on products, services, etc.

Every business should have a Facebook page as well as a website. It gives your customers--and potential customers--a chance to learn more about your business. Different than a website, Facebook pages are interactive. They are a great way for customers to give you feedback about their experience with your business. When they make a post about a good experience, there's a chance that their friends will see the post and then check out your page. It's a simple way to increase general awareness of your business which is the first step to getting more customers and being successful.


I can design a Facebook page for your business that coordinates with the theme of your existing website. The page can provide concise information about your company that then drives people to visit your website for more information. If you are comfortable using Facebook, the page can be set up so that you can make your own updates and posts to your page. Or, if you prefer, I can make updates for you that you simply phone in or email to me. Your page can have great pictures, videos, documents, etc., whatever works for your particular business. Facebook has recently changed the layout options that they offer for business pages. You can select a layout that best fits the type of business you have. Some of these layouts are so good that you may find that they eliminate the need for having a separate website. 


See a few examples of Facebook pages I have set up for clients that either I manage and make posts for them or they manage and make posts on their own:

Dr. Lisa Upledger

RMC Flying Club

Craniosacral Therapy Alliance

Fryeburg Youth Show

Bryan Locke LLC Concrete Repair

ER Fabian and Son Water Filtration Systems, Well Service

Rochester Radiator

Berry Best Farm


Contact me about setting up a Facebook page and/or Facebook ads for your business. Facebook ads are a great way to target people by their interest so you are only paying for ads that are being seen by people that have an interest in your product or service within specific zip codes or regions. Ads can be set up to send people directly to your existing website or a specific page within your website, depending on what you would like to promote. Facebook ads can be the most affordable and flexible way to advertise with campaign budgets starting at $100. 


Click here to see examples of Facebook ads that can be run to promote your business.

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