Email Design and Distribution

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. I'll work with you to create engaging, professional email messages with news that your customers will be interested in--special offers, events, etc.--which will help drive people to your website or Facebook page. It is the best and least expensive way to keep in touch with your customers.


I can help you select great images and text for your messages. Once a template is established for you, sending new messages is easy--just phone in or email me your new text. Reports can be run after your messages are sent telling you how many messages were opened, who opened them, invalid email addresses, and even what links your readers clicked on. Any message I send for you can also be archived on your website.


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Tip: Even if you don't currently send emails to your customers, you should start collecting their email addresses. Have a sign-up sheet at your business or add a "join our list" link on your website. Down the road if you decide to do email marketing, you'll have your database all set up and ready to go.


Constant Contact "All Star" Award Recipient 2018, Top Ten Percent

Constant Contact annually acknowledges users with good email marketing practices with their "All Star" award. Out of all the customers that Constant Contact has, only the top ten percent receive this award each year and I was happy to receive this award in 2018. What does it mean to receive this award? It means that emails that I create for my clients have above average message open rates and low "spam" reports. I can help you develop your contact database to comply with anti-spam laws and guidelines for good e-mail marketing practices from Constant Contact. This results in a very high quality list of contacts for you comprised of people who have an interest in your product or service and want to receive your news and announcements.


Two Approaches to Email Marketing:

For my clients that only send out messages once or twice a month, I manage lists and design messages for them in my own Constant Contact account. Clients are invoiced hourly for my design time and a small flat rate fee per message to help share the cost of maintaining the Constant Contact service. This works well for my clients because it saves them the Constant Contact rate which is between $25 and $40 per month, depending on the number of emails in their database. Other clients that send out messages more frequently have their own accounts and provide me with access to manage their lists and messages for them and they are billed strictly on an hourly rate for my design time.


Learn More About Constant Contact's Anti-Spam Policy and Tips for Compliance

Click above to visit my archive showing this and other sample messages.
Click above to visit my archive showing this and other sample messages.