CST Alliance

"In 2009 my wife and I founded the Craniosacral Therapy Alliance, a teaching group based here in New Hampshire and with classes throughout the U.S. and abroad. From our start in 2009, Kristin was fundamental in helping us organize our website content and she took care of many of the other details involved when setting up a business website from scratch. She helped us select a website format that could easily expand and evolve as our business grew, just as she had promised. She now maintains our site on an ongoing basis, making required edits as our curriculum changes throughout the year. When we needed to be able to accept domestic and international credit card payments through our website, Kristin was able to set us up with a simple and efficient way to do that. She also manages all of our Constant Contact email communications and Facebook posts promoting and advertising our classes. Our contact database has grown from a few hundred in 2009 to over 1,400 people today. She helps us to deliver curriculum news to our students through emails and ads that are accurate, relevant and eye-catching with her artistic eye for design, document formatting and photo selection. Kristin is a good listener and understands our needs; she is helpful and works with us to manage our business with creativity, skillful editing, patience and kindness. We find her fees to be fair and she always provides us with itemized invoices. Kristin has been a blessing to us and we consider her an integral part of our business."
Jill Ash and Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP
Craniosacral Therapy Alliance